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Only the Poor Die Young

Lots of other studies have concluded the same thing ... Bernie Sanders likes to share a statistic that life expectancy for men in West Virginia’s McDowell County, the poorest in the nation, is ... read more

NYT’s Paul Krugman explains exactly why Trump is targeting California

but it does well in almost every other aspect. It has a booming economy, which has been creating jobs at a much faster pace than the nation as a whole. It has the nation’s second-highest life ... read more

An American Tragedy: The Decline in Life Expectancy

However, unlike other developed countries, life expectancy in the United States has recently declined for three years in a row. The decline for women has been relatively small. Their life expectancy ... read more

What is motor neurone disease, what caused Fernando Ricksen’s condition and what’s the life expectancy?

The majority of those diagnosed with the disease are given a three-year life expectancy starting from when they first ... Genes may still play a small part in other cases. Whether there is a family ... read more

Study finds increase in health gap between First Nation people and other Manitobans

In the new study, that disparity has grown to about 11 years. A First Nation girl's life expectancy at birth is now 72 years, while all other Manitoba girls can expect to live to age 84. A First ... read more

Health gap between First Nations and other Manitobans growing: research study

A First Nation girl’s life expectancy at birth is now 72 years, while all other Manitoba girls can expect to live to age 84. A First Nation boy can expect to live to age 68, while all other ... read more

Watch: Kids smack each other with trash can lids for fun now

When will youths stop trashing each other online? A video of two little ... such antics are the reason “[boys] have a lower life expectancy.” Carson and Aiden (ages and last names withheld ... read more

Ben Shapiro Defends Joe Biden on Health Care, Says Life Expectancy Stats Shouldn't Include Accidents, Suicides

Ben Shapiro defends the US healthcare system, saying life expectancy is high "if you take away car accident ... we are spending twice as much per capita on healthcare as the Canadians or any other ... read more

Average life expectancy in Taiwan hits new high of 80.7 years in 2018

In all the other cities and counties of Taiwan, residents of Hsinchu City had the highest life expectancy at 81.10 years, while Taitung County had the lowest at 75.79. Residents in the northern ... read more

How to live longer: Best diet to increase life expectancy - what foods you should eat

“It puts a person at a greater risk of getting coronary heart disease, stroke and other conditions that affect the blood vessels.” As the health site noted, on their own, diabetes, high blood pressure ... read more

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